Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Update #2 - Tuesday

After the success of yesterday’s list, I decided to challenge my tiny little self and make today’s tougher to accomplish. The good news is that I did accomplish all the points on here in some form, whether the picture tells you they’re scribbled out or not. Here it is as of 8:43pm:

A lot of great things happened today. I booked my fucking driving test finally… it’s only taken me an entire year of lessons to do it. I’m not a bad driver, honestly! I just found the format of the theory exam really difficult to get my head around. It’s a miracle I passed it first time when I took it last month, because on top of dealing with the stress of the exam, there was a huge spider on the floor of the waiting room. It was right next to my shoe waving its front claws at me when I was trying to speak to the woman behind the desk. The memory gives me Goosebumps to this day.

Anyway, my practical test is booked. I’ll probably pass first time considering I’ve been driving for an age. The other fantastic news I’ve heard today is that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have added an extra date to their UK tour next year. We couldn’t manage to get tickets when they were on sale in August and I was devastated – now we get another chance! Miss Psycho Sexy may need to make an appearance.

Finally, I promised myself I was going to try a new recipe for lunch. I knew I had chicken so I just went with it. Here’s what I made:

So that’s grilled chicken breast with “secret” spicy sauce, and a couple of baked potatoes topped with mozzarella. They look a bit brown but it was just convenient to leave the grill on instead of switching to the full oven. I’m not a very precise chef! 

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