Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Update #3 - Wednesday

There was something bothering me, today.

I received some more great news. After a successful driving lesson, I returned home to be greeted by a stack of mail – I’ve got a job interview for a legal apprenticeship on Monday. My grandparents have just bought a boat. And… I feel kind of wrong posting this but I will – my best friend broke up with her boyfriend yesterday. She’s so much happier now.

Lots of amazing things have been happening lately…too many amazing things for me to properly comprehend. It may sound strange but I feel rotten not being able to give each separate segment of good news the excitement and attention they deserve. I took a day off my list project to chill out today and to stop making good things happen for myself. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for greatness?

Earlier I learned it would have been my Nana’s birthday today. I’m not going to go into detail about how much I loved (or love) her, because it's extremely personal, and probably wouldn't even be humanly possible to describe anyway. She’s my biggest inspiration. Always has been, and always will be.

After a day of feeling weighed down by greatness, hearing something like that dragged me back down to earth with a holy bang. I didn’t get upset, and instead thought about what she would have said about me being depressed that so many amazing things were coming my way all at once – it made me laugh. She would have rolled her eyes in disgrace and then proclaimed there was something wrong with me!

We were reminiscing about how she used to be when she went out with her friends. My mother told me about her beautiful figure, and that short, sleeveless chiffon dress she used to wear, with her blonde hair in perfect curls and red lipstick. The ensemble would of course, never be complete without her trusty whisky and ginger tumbler in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

As a tribute to my biggest inspiration, I thought I’d take it upon myself to stock up on the ingredients of her favourite tipple and toast her at the weekend. She would have really liked that, I think.

So, here’s my list for tomorrow. Resuming the greatness.


1) Wake up at a decent time
2) Apply for GB job
3) Go out for whisky and ginger
4) Pay £££ into the bank for Chili's tickets
5) Try a new recipe. Why not?
6) Jog
7) Wear red lipstick all day long


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