Thursday, 24 November 2011


This time last year I probably wouldn't have considered writing this post, but as over the year I've met a lot of new American friends (one in particular who writes his blog with me, so here's your shoutout Eric!), who have inspired me to write about what I'm thankful for.

Well, at this present moment, I'm rather thankful for Lady Gaga's new holiday EP "A Very Gaga Holiday". It's the parter EP to her Thanksgiving special, airing later today which I will probably get to watch tomorrow. Her jazz covers are absolutely beautiful, and the acoustic versions of both YoĆ¼ and I and the infamous The Edge of Glory (infamous for it's sheer brilliance acoustically), are... outstanding to say the least.

I'm also thankful for the very kind people at the health department of... a "secret organisation" I wish to protect as it will probably reveal whereabouts I actually live so fuck you, rapists... for phoning me up yesterday and basically offering me a job. You know when I applied for it? Ages ago when I was making the daily lists. I can't actually believe how much good came from those little scraps of paper.

So, I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and hope you all eat like pigs and enjoy yourselves. Think of me while I'll be having an average day in England, wishing I'm gorging on Turkey like there's no tomorrow. Have a brilliant day!

... Notes: You can buy "A Very Gaga Holiday" on both iTunes and Amazon, and I highly recommend it to non-Gaga fans too, who purely appreciate a beautiful singing voice backed by a big band. Trust me on this - at least give it a try or a preview. You won't be sorry.

And, while I'm here, please check out my friend's blog too. His name is Eric, and we've been writing them together since the dawn of Busy Going Nowhere. He posts exactly the same witty crap as me, except he's in college, not unemployed, and is on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Give it a read here!

LISTEN to this, I beg of you! Orange Colored Sky:

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