Friday, 11 November 2011

Good Luck, Bad Luck

Good luck last week:

1.       I got a job interview.
2.       My best friend broke up with her boyfriend.
3.       The Chili’s opened a new tour date out of the blue… an hour away from me.
4.       Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets were purchased.
5.       My friend I thought had died is miraculously alive and well.
6.       I booked the perfect date for my driving test.
7.       My grandparents bought a boat.
8.       We won the lottery. (Not kidding.)

Bad luck this week:

1.       I missed the bus.
2.       My interview was cancelled due to lack of funding.
3.       I can’t get the money I’m owed for the Chili’s tickets yet, and I’m poor.
4.       A Jehovah’s Witness completely owned me.

… Y’know what? I thought I’d be able to think of more things than that. Maybe this hasn’t been such a bad week after all.  

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