Monday, 31 October 2011

Update #1 - Monday

Happy Halloween, everybody!

I’ve just nearly been trampled by a gang of 20 seven year olds with alien masks. Either I start giving out my own sweeties or the lights are getting turned off in a minute... and it doesn’t look like my box of Quality Street is going anywhere.

Okay so, now we’ve exchanged pleasantries, I can get down to business. Making that list yesterday was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Instead of lolling around for hours on end scanning the internet and feeling sorry for myself, I kept my promise of getting up early and went straight to work on my Monday list. Here’s what I accomplished:

(Pretty good handwriting considering I’m a lefty!)

So… I’m ruling out “Don’t go to bed late again!” until tonight (for obvious reasons) but I think for the first day that’s pretty damn good. Instead of just applying for 2 jobs I’ve applied for 4, and along with my usual exercising I’ve been out for 2 walks as well. I was going to attempt a new recipe for lunch at the last minute but the meat didn’t defrost in time. I’ll marinate some chicken tomorrow morning and try it then, instead.

It felt great getting out of the house and feeling like I was accomplishing something at the same time. It beats going out and feeling like I’m putting something off, I know that much. I feel less lonely today too – not because I’ve talked to more people than I usually do, but because I’ve managed to have some entertaining conversations instead of struggling to find something interesting to say about what I’ve been up to. All in all, a 100% successful day.

Tomorrow will be busier as I’ve got a guitar lesson to plan and teach, but I’m sure I’ll manage after a decent night’s sleep. Last night I ended up not going to bed until nearly 4am because I was too busy listening to this punk masterpiece of a solo. Enjoy!

(Solo is at 2:04, so good!)


  1. LOL @ Apply for at least 2 jobs haha

  2. May up it to 4 next week!
    "It's a living..."