Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Knowledge / Words I Might Have Ate

Okay so... two poems. One kind of quick and lyrical, the other more serious and apologetic. Both unintentionally named after Green Day songs. (I tend to steal ideas when I'm not writing anything serious, and it's too hard to rip their names from them now I kind of count them both as something substantial.)

The reason I'm including them both together is because they're two very different perspectives of the same person/my perception of a person. I wrote the pair of them earlier this year (Knowledge in the back end of May, and Words I Might Have Ate in June) exactly two weeks apart.

It's funny how I came to write them so quickly together. I sat down one night with the first bout of inspiration I'd had in while, to write Knowledge, which in a very simple summary, is a sarcastic response to having to politely listen to a very opinionated person. It isn't necessarily a disagreement of what I felt they believed in, but a dislike of how they presented their views, and how because of this, they appeared prejudiced and even violent, regardless of how intelligent they actually were. After it was finished, I posted it to my writing thread in a forum I'm a member of, and that was that.

Until the weekend.

I heard a few stories about the certain person (who I don't admit to knowing very well in the first place) I'd written Knowledge about, and they basically contradicted everything I'd assumed this person was. It was a surprise to say the least, and I felt stupid for being so sarcastic and judgemental earlier in the week. So, in order to make myself feel better, I wrote Words I Might Have Ate, as a personal apology, about how wrong I was for so casually criticising somebody for not being the person they in fact, actually were all along.

So here they are in order, Knowledge and Words I Might Have Ate. Together I might call them "Being a Hypocrite" but I'll decide that later.


If knowledge is the price to pay,
To suffer moans of "a greater day",
And butter bones with faces grey,
Oh please, enlighten me with views today?

Why I'm just bloody overjoyed!
You're pushing buttons you'd avoid,
While headlines scream of cash devoid,
And "the working class are the unemployed."

But war can fix this shallow grudge,
Of course! And who am I to judge?
Your violent tendencies and such,
To bury mouths into the mud?

If knowledge is my price to pay,
For a destructive conscience,
Then I'm afraid!


Words I Might Have Ate

Yes, I realise that I'm an idiot
For the last time, you conceited bigot
Was a bit of a silly thing to sort of suggest.
And again, yes, I understand,
That you've signed your name for our England,
How very, very brave you are, indeed.
             Alright! Sorry again; I can't shut up,
It was a little rude of me, you must
Try my trust because this is truly honest:
You've proved me wrong,
I'll eat my words,
You deserve to gloat but I'd prefer -
Just a little re-mem-ber,
While you press

That promised

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