Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sorry From Last Night

Wrote this last night in a remorseful mood:

Sorry’s not the hard part,
It’s waiting for the ride,
While your head is breaking your heart,
And your lips and hands are tied

Worse than feeling lonely,
Because it’s well deserved,
You’ve wounded your one and only,
Now eat your just desserts.

Just a little something I knocked up around two minutes ago called “Waiting to Apologize”. It’s about a silly situation which has been playing guiltily on my mind for the past hour or so, like a tiny little fairy on my shoulder, tapping incessantly on the remorseful section of my brain with a self-righteous attitude. Why must we as humans, make snap judgements? Why must we, as an intelligent, insightful and thoughtful species, feel that uncontrollable urge to blurt a vomit of empty frustrations at the first sign of a detour on the route to our personal satisfaction? You know what? I have no fucking clue, and that is the most honest and well researched answer I can possibly concoct after nearly nineteen years of experiencing “the World”.


  1. That poem sounds beautiful, though setting aside its background. Ouch, what were the circumstances?

  2. To put it simply, I made a snap judgement which ended up being wrong. The other half had left, so I was "Waiting to Apologize" to him in the morning. It was only silly, but at 2:00am the little things have a habit of getting at you...