Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tiny Surprises

A few nice things happened to me today, so I thought I’d share! 

1) Meeting nice strangers. I welcomed two women to sit with me in McDonalds (don’t judge me; it was a one-off) because it was busy, so we chatted over our burgers about work and where we’re from, and how nice it was to meet each other. It’s always great, I think, to welcome a stranger into your little bubble for a few minutes. 

2) Freebees. After a long day promoting healthy living on the “health bus”, I managed to grab two stress balls, a pen, one bottle of spring water, a t-shirt and an orange. I ate the orange before I left work, and plan on wearing the t-shirt tonight for bed. A good haul! 

3) I got to see the moon. For a while, I’ve been fascinated with space and astronomy, especially constellations and the moon. Tonight I drove to my boyfriend’s house, and as we walked to get a bottle of wine, the entire estate had a power cut. As we were plunged into darkness, millions upon millions of stars appeared in the sky. We bought the wine, rushed home, and set up his telescope. I saw the moon, the Orion nebula, the Seven Sisters and Beetlejuice. It was perfect.

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