Monday, 5 March 2012

Let Me Know You?

This is what happens when I post.

The gratitude I feel for every single viewer is more immense than the bond between Kel and orange soda. Stepping cautiously into stalker territory, a huge wish of mine is to be able to know, even speak to, every single person who has ever read any of my blog posts. That’s the truth.

To put it into perspective, if you look at that example from just yesterday, that is 38 people.

Give or take.

It’s not about feedback, or a… Actually, you know what? It is about feedback. Except, not in an egotistical kind of way, but a combination of complete disbelief and genuine interest. I’m surprised, more than anything, how more than 10 strangers have given me the time of day.

This isn’t a “thank you” post; this is an “I want to get to know you” post. I want to bridge that gap between enjoying something, and telling somebody about it. Why? Because it makes me happier than if I was the proud owner of a swimming pool filled with chocolate cake. Or money.

So, nameless viewers, let me get to know you. Let me ask you questions, and talk to you. It means the world to me to have strangers be even vaguely interested in my word vomit.

Don’t make me ask you again, especially if you fell for this link because of the word "naked". You're not the first person to be conned by a marketing scam. Besides, if you've stayed this long, then let me hear about it, too!


  1. I'm only here because I was promised noods. You've swindled me again, cat burglar! Nyan! (JK You know me.)

    1. Don't make me call the police again! Get back to writing your creepy posts, cyber-stalker.