Thursday, 29 November 2012

An Education of Terror

I’m too tired to be bored; I’m too bored to be tired… 

I shiver against the simple, yet authoritative drumbeat of Green Day’s new number, Lazy Bones, as the eerie thought of an unwanted passenger in the backseat of my Fiat Panda creeps into my mind. After two days dedicated to Saw marathons, and blasts of bullet-dodging and zombie-crushing on Resident Evil 6, I’m utterly on edge. 

And this silence is so deafening, it’s like picking at a sore… 

Billie Joe Armstrong’s voice rings softly through my speakers, calming my anxiousness. Lazy Bones truly is a great song, despite the rather obvious musical similarities to earlier tracks such as American Idiot’s Give Me Novacaine, and the anti-establishment charity single, Favorite Son. It definitely managed to take my mind off the fact that there might have been a pig-faced psychopath sitting behind the driver’s seat, I know that much. 

I never liked horror films, as a child. My mantra for such dislike being: “why would you ever want to put yourself through something that’s going to scare you?” I couldn’t fathom the morbid fascination with death, gore, or the supernatural. You are not going to learn a life lesson after withstanding The Exorcist, nor are you about to develop any impressive skills kicking back to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. My point being: you’re not going to get anything out of overcoming this fear, so why do you do it? 

For the thrill, was the most common answer, and nowadays I completely understand. After leaving an entire film genre completely untapped for seventeen years I am now undergoing an education of terror – if you will – beginning with the cult classics, and then delving deep into the sub-genres. I’ve been at it for a couple of pillow-shielding years now. 

I suppose this means I’m growing up, doesn’t it? I muse; carefully avoiding the flooded banks of the country road I’ve learned like the back of my hand, after countless trips back and forth from my boyfriend’s house (where I spend around 90% of my time). I thought about my current situation. I was legally driving a car that belongs to me, remembering tidbits of Saw III, with a half-smoked cigarette in the pocket of my jacket signifying the remnants of a 21st birthday party, and a blonde head of hair I certainly wasn’t born with. Although I don’t really feel like it, the signs of adulthood have crept upon me much like the masked villains of Saw I so feared. 

So… What is the point of this post? In all honesty I’ve been wracking my brains for a way to introduce a general “life update” and thought I’d cracked it on the drive home. The idea was that I’d write about my day, and then try to form some kind of conclusion relating to my current situation. I’ve grown up a lot since my last few posts, mentally and physically (I’m blonde now, just like I wanted!). I’m out of the place that was turning me into someone I despised, and am on the track to achieving what I really want out of life, which is to write for an audience who really wants to read it. That is all I really wanted to say. Really.

Oh, and I also wanted to plug a few posts that are going to appear up here soon, since it has been far too long since I updated this with anything substantial… 

Lyric Posts:

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Written Posts: 

A Baptism of Music – my experience seeing Lady Gaga live in concert, beginning with how I fell in love with her music, and ending with the magical experience that is the Born This Way Ball. 

Each post is already complete apart from ‘Baptism’, which is almost done and is already 2000+ words and packed with pictures. The Born This Way Ball meant so much to me that I wanted to give it the justice it deserves, so definitely look out for that one – it’ll be a monster. (You actually won’t be able to miss it due to the number of shameless plugs I’m planning.)

So, that's it I suppose. Lucky my thoughtful journey home ended safely, with no pig-headed murderers in my immediate vicinity (that I'm aware of). Thank you for reading and I promise I'll update this with something worth checking out before Monday!

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