Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Twix Tea

Okay so, I thought I'd share a Northern phenomenon with you. It's called "Twix Tea", and is a method of drinking good ol' fashioned English tea by using a Twix chocolate bar as a straw. (Now you can't say I've never tried to teach you how to be quaint, British, and cultured, can you?) Ahem, here we go.

(This isn't mine. I have more Twix bars.)
1 cup of English tea (the rest are shit, I'm sorry.)
2 Twix biscuit fingers (AKA, your average shop-bought bar.)

Firstly, wait until your tea isn't the temperature of molten lava, unless you're a badass and can drink it straight after the water's been boiled. I can't, because I'm a wimp.

Unwrap your Twix bar.

Take your first chocolate coated biscuit finger, then carefully bite one of the ends off. Don't bite too much off; the more you leave on the bar the longer your straw will last. Do the same to the other end.

Place your Twix straw into your cup, and suck the tea through it.

Revel in the warm, gooey, chocolatey, caramel infused delicousness as with the rush of hot tea, the biscuit finger will begin to slowly melt into your mouth. Proceed to groan with pleasure. Eat the biscuit before it becomes too soggy to hold as it will inevitably drop into the depths of your mug and take half an hour to fish out with a spoon. Do the same with your remaining biscuit finger, until all the Twix bars in the vicinity have been consumed!

Trust me on this, okay? It will be the greatest tea experience of your life.

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